159 Grains Nutrition

You see it everywhere: in magazines, on TV, and all over the Internet – everybody seems to have something to say about the quickest way to lose weight. Some say that it’s the right combination of pills and exercise. Some claim that this new contraption or that new gadget will melt away the fat. It seems that everybody is so caught up with finding a fast, easy method to lose weight, that common sense and discipline have been completely forgotten.

Why Do You Need Meal Replacement Shakes?

We are being pulled in a million different directions with real world responsibilities work, family, friends, kids, hobbies. These responsibilities are important, they make us happy, they bring us joy, they are necessary, but they require serious time and energy.

And if you’re anything like me, when your responsibilities grow, your health suffers.

You skip that workout on the calendar. You don’t stick to that diet you vowed to follow.

Your health suffers because you’re selfless.

I needed some help a healthy, convenient, affordable, and satisfying way to make sure my health maintains a priority.

What are these products I’m talking about? Meal Replacement Shakes.

I know, you’re probably thinking about some shake from the 90’s that wears mom jeans and a crew neck sweatshirt but hold your judgment! Given the maturity of the health food market the top rated meal replacement shakes are NOTHING like they used to be. But first let’s explore exactly what these meal replacement shakes are…

What the Heck are Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal Replacement Shakes are fairly self-explanatory shakes that supplement or replace a meal.

The shakes typically consist of a healthy balance of high proteins, vitamins, and minerals and low carbohydrate, fat and calories.

But the true power of meal replacement shakes are in their versatility and convenience. Body builders and busy moms alike benefit from meal replacement shakes despite typically having very different health goals.

Meal replacement shakes are not a new concept. However, over the last 25 years our understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle has changed drastically. Not to mention that shakes in the early days tasted like chalk!

Luckily improvements to nutritional contents and taste have helped meal replacement shakes recapture the interest of the health industry and its consumers.

When used regularly as a replacement for breakfast or lunch, these shakes conveniently curb over-eating and help maintain a balanced diet—helping you achieve your desired look, faster.

Meal replacement shakes are either prepackaged shakes or come in powder form. Simply add a scoop to cold water or milk, mix and enjoy! Pretty easy, huh?

What are the Main Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes?

Now that you know what these shakes are, let’s address their benefits.

Meal replacement shakes are:

  • fortified with healthy vitamins and minerals
  • perfect for a busy lifestyle Convenient packaging and zero preparation!
  • high protein, low carbohydrate and low calories promoting weight loss
  • effective at curbing hunger and preventing harmful snacking
  • tasty, light and fulfilling meal that leaves you satisfied and,
  • an affordable alternative to expensive health foods.

Now that you know how these shakes work, and what the advantages are, let’s talk about the best meal replacement shake we have reviewed, tested with results.

159 Grains Nutrition-Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.

159’s dietary therapy combination and formulas are meant to recover human’s self healing power and functions; instead of the external stimulus from western medicines.

Everyone’s body react differently to the treatment; 159 treats the body as a whole instead of partially, when the body circulation start to self-heal, all the partial damage will naturally recover.

Usually the 7 days 159 treatment will recuperate constipation, obesity, insomnia, poor concentration, fatigue, loss of appetite, poor memory, skin gloss

The 159 dietary therapy is a special detoxification method, we call it the meal replacement treatment.

The treatment will give Systemic bone, muscle, skin, internal organs, blood, body fluid and secretion of various pipelines, secretions a big filtration and cleansing, maintaining purity of the body, promote harmony of human conditioning system, eliminate source of sickness.

The dietary therapy makes lightened the burden for liver, which in return cleans the toxins in blood While synthesis good immune vitality.

159 Full vegetarian meal list of ingredients:

Grains: rice , Coix Seed ,black rice , corn, buckwheat , oats ,broomcorn millet , brown rice ,

Sorghum , wheat , barley , soybeans , greaterblack beans , black beans , red beans , green beans

Peas , beans , chickpeas , lentils , beans ,greenpeas , kidney beans , peas , soybeans ,

string beans , long beans , ridge boatbeans , cowpea

Nuts: pecans , hazelnut , pine nuts , pistachio, almonds , sunflower seeds , peanuts , ginkgo nuts

Seeds: watermelon seeds , pumpkin seeds , grapesseeds , cucumber seeds , basil seeds , lettuce seeds , Brassica juncea seeds ,waxgourd seeds , bitter gourd seeds , square melon seeds , chayote seeds,towelgourd seeds, gourd seeds , squash seeds , zucchini seeds, horn melon seeds , celeryseeds, parsley seeds , radish seeds , cauliflower , broccoli seeds , kohlrabiseeds , spinach seeds ,endive seeds ,pomegranate seeds, cabbage seeds , amaranthusdubius seeds , carrot seeds ,cedar seeds , kale seeds , Chrysanthemum seeds , rapeseeds , black sesame , white sesame , seabuckthorn seeds , cassia seeds , radishseeds , jujube seeds , hemp seeds ,

pine pollen mushroom and algae: Hazelmushroom , Hericium ,black fungus , Russula ,

matsutake , poria , white fungus , morel , Lentinusedodes , red mushroom, winter mushroom , great spirulina , kelp , seaweed

Flowers: red rose petals , liac , chrysanthemumsophora japonica , Seville orange flower ,white lupine flowers , honeysuckle , DanFengpeony ,tea flower

Other: wolfberry ,red dates , peppers ,and other 159 kinds of ingredients


❤ ️ 1, balanced nutrition
❤ ️ 2, change the way of life
❤ ️ 3, eat safely
❤ ️ 4, eat healthy: the original ecology
❤ ️ 5, no pesticide residues
❤ ️ 6, no additives
❤ ️ 7, no genetically modified
❤ ️ 8, eat less (physical control for weight loss)
❤ ️ 9, eat the whole (159 kinds of food at one time)
❤ ️ 10, eat right (the original ecology)
❤ ️ 11, reduce free radicals (free radicals are the source of all diseases)
❤ ️ 12, plant nutrient-rich elimination of free radicals (anti-inflammatory anti-disease)
❤ ️ 13, to correct the source of all diseases acidic system (159 kinds of alkaline plants)
❤ ️ 14, clear the intestinal toxins
❤ ️ 15, promote intestinal peristalsis
❤ ️ 16, be rich in prebiotics
❤ ️ 17, low sugar index
❤ ️ 18, easy to eat (just water and a pack)
❤ ️ 19, instead of cooking (just water and a pack)
❤ ️ 20, instead of prescription (nutrient complete, repair cells – Medicinal and Edible)
❤ ️ 21,159 exchange of food – the body 4S maintenance
❤️️  22, conditioning acne
❤ ️ 23, conditioning pigmentation
❤ ️ 24, prevention and treatment of hair loss
❤ ️ 25, white hair turn black
❤ ️ 26, lower blood sugar
❤ ️ 27, lower blood pressure
❤ ️ 28, lowering blood lipids
❤ ️ 29, relieve constipation
❤ ️ 30, conditioning loose stools
❤️  31,159 Vegetarian full meal is the first – world by the 159 kinds of natural organic high nutritional ingredients
❤ ️ 32. 10 kinds of grains
❤ ️ 33.More than 20 kinds of beans, soybeans
❤ ️ 34. 8 kinds of various nuts
❤ ️ 35. Seeds more than 40 kinds
️️❤  36. Bacteria and algae more than 20 kinds
❤ ️ 37. 10 kinds of flowers and so on
❤ ️ 38. A variety of medicinal and edible homologous ingredients such as wolf-berry, red dates, honeysuckle, cassia seed, Radish Seed, pecan kernel, barley, kidney beans and so on.
❤ ️ 39. High-calorie supplement of daily food unlike ordinary vegetarian which is easily lack of protein, minerals, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, complete cell raw materials
❤ ️ 40. Correct the usual eating more, eating wrong, restore cell healing power, conditioning sub-health and disease!
❤️  41. The low calorie can correct too much eating and lack of exercise which brings the accumulation of fat, obesity.
❤️  42. 159 Vegetarian full meal through the world’s most credible PONY PONY test detection of mineral trace elements and nutrients, so that people do not have to worry about eating vegan nutrition imbalance
❤️  43. The content of plant protein is 17.8g / 100g.
❤️  44.All trace elements are balanced calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, copper, manganese, potassium balance.
❤️  45.Detoxification
❤ ️ 46. Weight loss
️️❤️  47. Conditioning the spleen and stomach
❤ ️ 48. Beauty For Women
❤️  49. Purify the blood
❤ ️ 50. Increase immunity
❤ ️ 51. Anti-cancer
❤ ️ 52. Immunomodulation
❤ ️ 53. Early avoidance of diseases
❤ ️ 54. Visceral self-repair
❤ ️ 55. System to become a food exchange mentor, nutritionist, health management division
❤ ️ 56. Lowest cost medical care
❤ ️ 57. Harvest Health

And much much much more!

If you have tried many methods and fail to successfully weight loss, it’s never late to have a try for 159 meals.  Drink out A Graceful body Now…

If you are interested in this diet, check more information on a tester blog.