5 Reasons Why You Are Fat

Weight loss is a hot topic right now. People feel as if they need to lose weight but don’t know how. Not only that, but they scratch their heads wondering how they even got fat. Money is spent on research by top scientists and doctors in order to discover the root cause. And, no matter how much money is spent, we keep gaining more and more weight.

The truth is it doesn’t matter how much money is spent. Understanding why we’re fat is fairly simple. These are the top five reasons. Make these simple adjustments to our lifestyles and diets and we are sure to lose weight.

Eating too much.

How many of us eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full? Our idea of portions seems to be completely off-balance especially when we go out to eat. For example, when eating steak in a restaurant a normal portion is 8 ounces or more. We are supposed to eat around 4 ounces or so. Keep track of your potions and you’ll eat fewer calories.

Not exercising enough

This is another common problem. Our lives are so busy, we sometimes forget to exercise. The truth is, we should get around one hour of activity each day in order to maintain our weight. The intensity or duration should be increased if weight loss is the goal.

Not eating the right foods

Even though weight loss is a simple formula of burning more calories than taken in, it is possible to choose the wrong foods. Our bodies need a certain blend of nutrients to run properly. If we are eating mostly junk, we won’t have the fuel we need to stay healthy. If we are unhealthy, our metabolism slows down and it is much easier to gain weight.

Too much stress
It is possible to gain weight from stress. When our bodies are in a state of constant stress, cortisol is released into the blood stream. An excess amount of cortisol causes weight gain because it stimulates insulin release which can promote weight gain.

Food Addiction

It is possible to be addicted to food. People who eat and can’t stop or who eat when they aren’t hungry may be addicted to food. This, however, is an issue to discuss with a medical doctor. Neither of these necessarily indicate a food addiction even though it is a possibility.

Weight loss is a matter of common sense. If we eat healthy diets, exercise enough, and have a good relationship with food the weight will come off.