Lose Weight Fast and Free

Losing weight is one of the most common resolutions people make – and a worthy one. Shedding the extra pounds can help avert numerous diseases like high cholesterol and heart related problems. Getting healthy will also improve your overall appearance and contribute to happiness and a sense of well being. For those whose plea is “I need to lose weight fast in a month – what can I do?” here are several easy steps for getting started.

I Need to Lose Weight Fast and Free

The best way to begin a weight loss journey is with small steps and attainable goals. Believe it or not, most of these will cost nothing at all but some self-control and discipline. Rather than cut out sugar in one fell swoop, you can begin by cutting out soda and sugary drinks if you need to lose 10 pounds fast.

Most teenager and adults that say “I need to lose weight now” never realize that what they drink throughout the day is as harmful to their weight loss goals as what they eat. In fact, one 20 oz. bottle of soda contains the equivalent of 17 packs of sugar. Drinking just two cans of soda everyday can cause a weight gain of 24 pounds a year! This is why people end up saying “I need to lose weight fast in a week!” which is not really healthy.

Once this goal has been conquered, those crying, “I need to lose 30 pounds!” can start eliminating (or decreasing) sugar in other beverages like coffee and tea. (A 12 oz. coffee contains 5 to 6 packets of sugar.) And you should beware of juice drinks, which contain a great deal of added sugar as well. Cutting out all these drinks will save you calories and even money if you need to lose 20 pounds fast.

You say: “I need to lose weight fast naturally.” Well, in that case water is always the best choice. Opting for filtered H2O instead of sugary juices and drinks is a much healthier choice that will automatically lower the number on the scale. Which leads me to the next point…

I Need to Help of Fast Weight Loss

I need to lose weight fast and easy. Drink lots of water. Part of what contributes to weight gain is confusion between thirst and hunger. Many people misinterpret their body’s signals, thinking they are hungry, when really they are dehydrated. Simply drinking water will likely quench the craving without the extra calories.

For those still asking, “I need to lose 50 pounds, what can I do?” there is another way water can help. Drinking a full glass of water prior to eating a meal will cause you to feel fuller faster. This will lead to a consumption of fewer calories. Accompanying the glass of water with a very small snack, such as a piece of fruit or healthy granola bar, will cause you to eat even less during a meal. Even for those saying, “I need to lose 100 pounds” the journey starts with simple adjustments to their diet and consulting their doctor.

So whether your plan is, “I need to lose weight fast and easy” or “I need to lose weight fast for my wedding,” simply cutting something out and replacing it with water will help tremendously.

If you’re looking for quick weight loss tips that work, then this will be a very important video for you.

Here’s why.  I’m going to explain 4 of the most effective tips that I have ever found.Listen.  These things are so powerful.

They will ensure that you lose weight naturally… but also very fast.

Anyone can apply them.

They are very very simple.

The best part is…

You can easily lose 5 pounds in just 7 days or less!

Too many times when you’re trying to lose weight you’re thinking I have to give up one thing for the other…

– Either I have to lose weight super slow… if I want it to be safe.

– Or I have to sacrifice my health… if I want it to be fast.

Well I’m telling you that it’s not true.

You can “have your cake and eat it too”.  And these 4 quick weight loss tips hold the key.

Ok.  So let’s jump into it.

The number one tip that I want to share is “carb-timing”.

One of the most important things to eating carbs (pasta, breads), is eating them at the right time.

So split your day into 6 meals.

You don’t want to eat those “starchy” carbs for the last two meals because they will get stored as fat when you sleep.

This seems so simple, but it works like gangbusters.

Now, for the number two tip.

This also has to do with eating carbohydrates.

When you consume carbs be themselves studies have showing they get stored as fat much much easier.

So when you eat that pasta dinner it will go into your system and it will get absorbed into your blood stream far faster then if you ate that same pasta in the presence of a protein and a fat.

This will cause dramatic blood sugar spikes that are proven to create elevated levels of fat storage.

So you want to stop this from happening.

The way you do it is to consume that pasta with a protein and a fat.

So just add chicken and olive oil or some other variation.

Studies have shown that this dramatically decreases blood sugar spikes and body fat storage.

Ok.  So quick weight loss tip number three.

You want to consume several small meals throughout the day.

You’ve heard 5 to 6 small meals is optimal.  But what I’m saying is that seven and even more may give you far better results.

The reason is…

These multiple “several small meals” drive your metabolism through the roof.

And those who have a higher metabolism tend to be healthier people.

Plus they burn way more fat.

This is one of the most powerful tips ever.

Alright.  Now let’s talk about the fourth and final tip.

This will make your exercise far easier and get you rapid weight loss.

Plus it works like gangbusters.

There’s a best time you want to exercise during the day.  That best time is in the morning before you eat anything.

When you do this you force your body to burn “on-hand” fat stores instead of just burning the calories you’ve just eaten.

If you’re doing things like eating before you exercise.

Or drinking sugary hydration drinks while you exercise.

Then all that’s happening is your body is burning those calories instead of stored fat.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons you exercise your butt off and never get results.

So you should give those four quick weight loss tips a shot over the next 7 days because you can easily lose 5 pounds or more.