Obesity Issues

Americans are considered overweight or obese and the numbers keep growing every year (“United”). As the U.S. population continues to grow, so does the waist of Americans. The rates are increasing in almost all states, with twenty-three states with an increase in the last year. Almost twenty years ago there was a state that exceeds a rate of twenty percent obesity, three decades ago, there was an average National only fifteen percent. Now, obesity has exceeded five percent in thirty-one states and twenty percent passed in forty-nine states, including Washington, DC The state of Mississippi has been known for the past five years to have the highest rate Of Obesity. Here is a chart shows more clearly here:

Health information from www.niddk.nih.gov

Who is more guilty Of Obesity in the U.S.?

A. B. fast food chains The American people to buy fast food giving them profits to open more stores C. Our parents, not to feed the children properly and be lazy D. Children, to complain and mourn, to be thrown to lose when fast food E. Our capitalist economy, making our nation obsessed with work, work, work, we do not have time to cook for ourselves. F. Bullies at school, which puts children have low self esteem and eating for comfort.

It comes down to the bottom line and that is the mentality of the person, because no one forces them to eat more just as drug users who choose to take drugs, their emotional inner conflict .

Obesity Gene?

American obesity is a form of slow suicide to escape all people with recessive genes that are thin?

The ability to store fat had survival value over long ages. Now it works against us. Some people have the recessive gene that keeps them thin, no matter what. Why insist on preaching, as if the incest in his family history (recessive takes) makes nothing but pure?

That is absolutely correct. People who are naturally thin as the result of inbreeding may also exhibit other traits of inferiority, as insulting answers, vote neoconservative and pedophilia.

Are you in favor of a tax on obesity?

We taxes on alcohol as harmful to society. We tax the same snuff reason. Why not tax fat people? Obesity causes many health problems, why not make people who eat more of paying?

I would be happy if the government simply failed to subsidize junk food and let the free market solution. “Two thirds of Americans are overweight and the government tells them to eat better. But do not put their money where their mouths are. The government will invest 17 billion U.S. dollars to subsidize the farmers this year. In Instead of focusing on producing good for fruit and vegetables half its subsidies go to grain farmers whose crops feed animals for meat, milk and eggs and become cheap ingredients in processed foods “.

Obesity And Diabetes Correlation

Crazy : do you think there is a correlation between chronic conditions and GM foods?

do you think there is a correlation between Genetically Modified foods and chronic conditions such as obesity, autism, diabetes, etc?

why so many peeps have something wrong with them these days?

Not GM foods, no. this has been going on for more years than GM has been around. It is due to all the pesticides and additives that are put in food, this is why we have an upsurge in diabetes, allergies, ADHD and lots more illnesses besides, it is due to the crap the food companies shove into our food. They are not responsible people.

If obesity is a disease, then you can put in the work due to illness because the fat?

When called to the sick, speaking with a machine, so that plays when people went to work. That would be quite the water cooler talk.

Making healthier choices So what should we eat instead of the rock stars and hot Cheetos?

Obesity Problems In Canada

why is the obesity rate in Canada so much lower (13%) than the US (31%), and also the UK (24%)?

Given the lifestyle similarities between Canada and the US, it would seem that the rate in Canada would be relatively close to the US. However, the UK is closer to the US in Obesity Rates. All 3 cultures, especially the US, have the problems of fast food, processed junk food, sedentary lifestyles, etc. But, what accounts for such a significant difference? Do Canadians eat healthier than both the British and the Americans? Do they exercise more?

Well lets look at it this way. I lived down south for about 4-5 years. And their is a vast difference in health from the south to the north on the east side that i have seen. Down south because of nice weather i see people running all the time, in parks, on the beach, anywhere. Let alone people choose walking over being in a car. Because of the amount of people that like to spend there time outside and being more active as far as shopping, browsing, and playing, people just tend to be healthier. More people hit the gyms that i have seen down south. Coming across a large person up north is easy, but down south its harder because so many people are staying fit all year round because they can wear less due to temperature.

Now i know in Canada its not always hot, although you have warm summers in Canada. However its just based on how people are brought up. Certain countries just pay more attention to ingredients, health, and fitness. Most understand portion sizes and so forth. In the US i feel there just isn’t enough enforcement or willingness. I constantly see the questions on all the eating disorders and frankly not many people know what one is or how it is constituted. People tend to think too many are too skinny here in the US when in reality were fatter. Sometimes the people just turn the blind eye.

Depending on the culture, weather, and the society i would assume would constitute on how people in each country stay healthy and or fit. In Italy and Paris they are all about portions. they eat 5-6 meals a day of small portions. Canada could be following along the same lines. And for the US well shit they leave me in circles on why and how we are the fattest country. I feel more US citizens are just stubborn and ignorant. Its their right or their way. And its confusing because at the same time i hear so many people saying i want to lose weight i see others saying how people have to gain weight. Unless your in the health and nutrition field not many people understand the procedures in proper weight, height, growth, muscle, and fat portions. Its funny when you see how many people think they are right when they are so wrong.

Well, I am not trying to be rude, believe it or not, but I have a Southern cookbook. It has all kinds of recipes calling for all kinds of Margerine OleoThat stuff is BAD for you! Real butter in the same amounts is bad too, but that is just fat, not the hydrogenated stuff that is in margarine. I really think some of it can be traced back to diets like that. I only use olive oil small amounts of butter-nothing hydrogenated!

Even straight lard is better than oleo margarine!

I will tell you that some people can eat what ever they want and never have to worry about it because that is me! I love ice cream and cake. I eat late at night and I am very thin. I never miss a meal and have a big hearty appetite. Then,there is my husband he used to be normal weight and work out daily. He suffered a back injury and was unable to work out. All the muscle turned to fat!

He does NOT over eat, in fact I don’t think he eats enough and he is now 100 pounds over weight!He struggles daily with his weight. I know he does not closet eat because I spend so much time with him. So I do think there are truly over weight people!

Childhood Obesity Linked to Adult Obesity

The relationship between child and adult obesity  also means that children need to be physically active at a very young  age.   Parent need to encourage kids to play outdoor  games like cricket, basketball, football etc.  Discourage them from playing  computer games, television etc.  There needs to be timetable for children to watch television and computer games.  They should be made to go outside and  play outdoor games.  Also they should do daily exercise and keep themselves  active and fit.  Exercise is another important factor in fighting the childhood  obesity trend.  Between the television, computers and video games, there are  plenty of inactive activities that attract our kids attention today.

Being overweight or obese in childhood is associated with poor physical and mental health. In addition, childhood obesity is considered a major risk factor for adult obesity, which is itself a major risk factor for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and other chronic conditions.   Children who maintain a normal weight will  grow to be adults who maintain normal weight.    These studies on the relationship between child and adult obesity  provide information that can be used to plan strategies for helping children  lead healthy lives.   These studies on the  relationship between child and adult obesity also demonstrate the need for  serious efforts to help children maintain a normal weight.   The problems of childhood obesity can begin  with infants so the medical community and parents must understand the problem  when a child is born and work to maintain normal weight beginning in  infancy.

As the numbers of obese and overweight children increase, a corresponding rise in future numbers of overweight and obese adults is also expected.  This in turn is expected to lead to an increasing incidence of poor health.  As a result, there is great interest among health professionals in possible pathways between childhood and adult obesity.  It has been proposed that certain periods in childhood may be critical for the development Of Obesity.

If you are serious with your health, working with your healthcare dietitian to create a diet and exercise regimen that works with your lifestyle. “Adjust your lifestyle, so that you don’t have to work harder .  “If you make better food choices consistently, you don’t necessarily have to make up for it at the gym.”