What Does It Mean When Toenails Fall Off

It’s actually essential to take care of your toenails and fingernails. This should be a part of your bathing routine and at times when you wish to look beautiful. One issue that individuals don’t consider is toenails falling off. Let’s look at the symptoms, reasons, and treatment. But before that, you should know that toenails fall off is called as ‘Onychoptosis’ in medical terms.

How to understand that toenails are falling off?

Every problem has its own symptoms and causes and so is it with this condition.

  • Toenails fall off if in case you’re inflicted with an injury. You may also suffer from the problem when you’re under trauma. Whenever the toenail gets separated from the nail bed, it brings in pain and causes bleeding.
  • If you observe a gradual shedding from the front end moving ahead towards the base, then you are suffering from ‘Onychomadesis’. This eventually, leads to the separation from the nail bed.
  • When tissues get swollen and the adjacent nail bed gets affected, then the condition is known as ‘Onychia’. Pus starts developing around the nail plate which finally leads to toenail shredding. In due course of time, the nail would no longer be resting on the nail bed. Bacteria, fungi or virus causes such a kind of medical disorder.
  • Fungal infection due to dermatophytes could be another reason for toenails fall off. At the initial stage, the infection is characterized by white or yellow color around the nail. Later, the condition grows serious with thickening due to dust particles. Finally, as time passes by, toenails start falling off. In case you neglect treating fungal infection, the edges get deformed and the skin at the area swells considerably. This nail disorder (Onychomycosis) is commonly found in individuals who don’t wash feet regularly.

Some uncommon causes

  • An ailment like anemia brings in a change when nails keep growing. Besides making them brittle, the ailment causes nails to crumble and leads to toenail loss. Pale skin, breathing problems, and cold hands and feet are the major symptoms of anemia.
  • A thyroid disorder may be the answer to why a toenail breaks off. Moreover, the condition can also hamper nail redevelopment. Researchers reveal that nail fall off is one of the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism. Once treated properly, the nails develop again and the individual would never have to deal with the problem.
  • Yellow nails is a rare scenario which may cause nails to break off. It is at that point of time, where nails thicken, start becoming yellow and seem to stop growing. To restore nail health, a person should consume foodstuffs rich in Vitamin E.

How to treat toenail fall off naturally?

  • In case toenails get damaged and you see bruises around the area, then you should use crushed ice immediately. After packing ice in the sealed plastic bag, place the ice pack on the toenail. Make sure that your foot is placed on an elevated support. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and with an interval of 5 mins repeat the process for two or three times. This would reduce the pain and the chances of inflammation.
  • Known as an antifungal agent, tea tree oil should be used whenever it’s a fungal infection. Simply, trim the nail and dab it with a few drops of tea oil. Later, you can prevent damages by spreading tea tree oil all over the infected area. Repeat the steps twice every day for a month and continue till fungal infection has gone. Move on for several months if you want to get rid of the infection completely. Here is the best resource to check for ultimate remedies for toenail fungus.

Tips for preventing Toenail loss

Here are some practical ways which you could implement to avoid toenail loss

  • Do inculcate a regular habit of trimming your nails. Cut them to a comfortable length so that you don’t face trauma during brisk walks.
  • Wear shoes with a comfy fit to avoid trauma especially for the big toe. When it’s to head for jogging, wear shoes that have room for moving toes.
  • Always keep toenail beds dry with a help of a hairdryer or low heat. Follow this diligently soon after you have had a bath or a shower. Remember moisture causes fungus to grow and develop.
  • Use naturally formulated soaps when you wash feet. Avoid products which contain chemicals as the main ingredient. Consult a skin specialist if you are not sure about the item.
  • Change socks soon after they become damp. During monsoon, change socks frequently and allow them to dry naturally.

To conclude, cleanliness and hygiene would keep you away from nail fall off. If the condition doesn’t get controlled through practical ways, then consult the doctor. You’re sure to understand how you should deal with the problem.