Why Do I Share 159 Meals?

I am sharing 159, not for anything else,
Only for respect for life,
For love and responsibility of family .
If one day,
I share with you to eat 159,
Not for anything else, only for you having a good body;
If one day,
I suggest you or your family to start eating 159,
Not for any other reason, only for healthy living,
To give the family and the child a glorious future;
If one day,
I suggest you introducing your friends to start eating 159,
Not for anything else
Only for you and friends in the sunset with worry-free smile;
Please treat yourself carefully,life is only once.
Ahead of respecting your health! Make life more exciting!


My Short Story About Relieve Constipation

I am a mother with 2 kids, and I suffered mild constipation. Many people said that 159 is a great food to get rid of your penitential diseases , reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer, leading to a longer life expectancy. It’s also effective for weight loss, but I only want to relieve constipation that is why I have a try 159 meals, the effect is really good. So I share to everyone and recommend this diet for you.


Another miracle self healing story:

This little girl 1-year and 7 months old had illness ,Symptom is frequently vomit , every half month for 7-8 days. It’s untreatable in hospital . Family found out 159 vegetarian meal is a full nutrient meal, they gave her to try. From last October to now, little girl only vomit tow times .now she ate 159 meal everyday . Look at this health lovely Beautiful girl. Is she Cute!

it’s a beautiful morning. it’s grateful everyday can see miracle story about people taking 159 vegetarian meal , body self healing system re-activate and get heal. This little boys 8 year old. He has skin problem, try everything for 4-5 years but nothing work. last Christmas ,he started taking 159 vegetarian meals .He took 159 with meal for a month , then he had 5 time 7 days meal exchange. Now he’s a happy handsome boy!:)